Last Updated on 25/04/2017
Travel Card


Travel cards, presently denominated in USD only facilitates the people who frequently make trips abroad for business/personal purposes.

Salient Features of the overseas travel card are as follows 
  • It is a prepaid card supported by magnetic strip band technology
  • It will have 16 digit card numbers
  • It is presently denominated in US Dollar only
  • Value of the card resides in the Host computer not on the magnetic strip
  • It can be used for withdrawing cash/balance enquiry thru VISA ATMs
  • It can be used at point of sale(POS) for merchant transactions
  • Usable at ATMs by PIN and point of sale by signature
  • Date of expiry is printed on the card
  • Can be hot listed in case of theft/damage/loss
  • Unused Foreign Exchange can be surrendered to the nearest AD branch
  • Top up/reload can also be done
  • Cards cannot be used in India/Nepal/Bhutan
Charge Details 
  • No interest is payable on the balance in the card
  • Cash withdrawal – USD 2 per transaction
  • Balance enquiry  - USD 0.50 per transaction
  • Charge Slip Retrieval - USD 5 per transaction