Last Updated on 25/03/2017
Agri Clinic

Agri Clinic
  • To supplement the efforts of Government extension system 
  •  To make available supplementary sources of input supply and services to needy farmers 
  • To provide gainful employment to agriculture graduates in new emerging areas in agricultural sector
Agriculture graduates or graduates in horticulture, animal husbandry,  fisheries,   dairy,        vet nary , poultry, Pisciculture & other allied activities can apply for a loan under the scheme.
To set up Agri-clinic, Agri-Business  centers for input supply & services to  farmers.
An illustrative list of activities which can be financed under the scheme is given below :-
  •  Soil and water quality cum inputs testing laboratories (with Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers)
  • Pest surveillance, diagnostic and control services
  • Maintenance, repairs and custom hiring of agricultural implements and machinery including micro irrigation systems (sprinkler and drip).
  • Agri Service Centres including the three activities mentioned above (Group Activity).
  •  Seed Processing Units.
  •  Micro-propagation through Plant Tissue Culture Labs and Hardening Units.
  •  Setting up of Vermiculture units, production of bio-fertilisers, bio-pesticides, bio-control agents.
  •  Setting up of Apiaries (bee-keeping) and honey & bee products' processing units.
  •  Provision of Extension Consultancy Services.
  •  Hatcheries and production of fish finger-lings for aquaculture.
  •  Provision of livestock health cover, setting up veterinary dispensaries & services including frozen semen banks and liquid nitrogen supply.
  •  Setting up of Information Technology Kiosks in rural areas for access to various agriculture related portals 
    ? Feed Processing and testing units.
  •  Value Addition Centres..
  •  Setting up of Cool Chain fro the farm level onwards (Group Activity).
  •  Retail marketing outlets for processed agri-products.
  •  Rural marketing dealerships of farm inputs and outputs
Any combination of two or more of the above viable activities along with any other economically viable activity selected by the Graduates, which is acceptable to the Bank. 
Maximum of Rs.10 lacs  for Individuals and Rs50 lacs for group of 5. 
Up to    Rs. 5 lacs ? Nil
>Rs 5 Lacs ?  15% - 25 %
Up to    Rs.5 lacs - Hypothecation
           >Rs.5 lacs ? Collateral /guarantee
5-10yrs depending upon the activity
Holiday Period
Maximum of 2 yrs.
Rate of Interest
Up to Rs. 50,000 - 9.50%    
>50,000 to 2 lacs  @ BPLR
   2 to 25 lacs  @  BPLR+.50%
>25 lacs @ BPLR+1%