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Last Updated on 19/06/2017
Agricultural Term Loans

Land Development - Financial assistance for Land reclamation, Soil conservation measures and on farm development works like Land leveling, terracing, contouring, bunding, fencing etc.
Minor Irrigation - Term Loans are extended for construction of wells, for deepening/renovating the existing wells and for boring in the existing dug wells to augment water supply.
Farm Mechanisation - Financing for purchase of machinery/implements like Tractors, Power Tillers, seed drill, seed-cum-fertilizer drill, planters, power sprayers, seed cleaners, weed removers, power threshers, chaff cutters, cane crushers, harvester combines etc.   
Plantation / Horticulture Crops  - Term loans for cultivation of Coconut, Coffee, Tea and Rubber plantations, Floriculture, Vegetable and Fruit cultivation etc.
Loan for Allied Activities - Credit facilities extended for activities related to dairy, poultry, duckery, rearing of goat and sheep, Fisheries etc. 
For other details, please contact your nearest IOB branch.